*7 Ramadhan 1425H, 2 November 2003

This year marks the 8th year death anniversary of my late grandmother. It was on the 7th day of Ramadhan 1425H, 2nd November 2003.

The days surrounding her death were especially significant to me. It was the time of SARS. I had been working at the visitor screening counter at SGH Block 4. I had already tendered my resignation. The Friday was my last day. On the Saturday, she was warded in the same block. I came to visit. My now ex-colleagues were surprised to see me. I told them why I was there. Her name was in a special list that was only privy to the staff. They let me up to her ward where only 4 registered visitors were allowed at any one time.

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*7: Harper Seven & Harper Lee

Thanks to David and Victoria Beckham, I finally know that Harper Lee is a woman. After having 3 boys, the Beckhams have named their latest addition to the family, their daughter, Harper Seven, after the author of “To Kill a Mockingbird”. All these years, I thought that Harper Lee is a man!

I’ve never read the book. There’s an old copy at home that Big Bro once used as a Literature text way back in school. I know that it was also made into a movie because in one English lesson, my teacher played a video of the courtroom scene and told us her students (who all clearly had not read the book or knew how it ended, at the time) to discuss and guess what really happened, and the verdict.

(Here is part of the courtroom scene.)

*7: SG elects 7th President

After a four-way race in the presidential election in 2011, Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam got the most votes (although by a thin margin) and was sworn in as the 7th President of the Republic of Singapore, and the 3rd elected president, on 1 September. Congratulations, sir! And so, I shall not touch on the different candidates’ suitability for the post or arguments concerning them or their parties which have definitely been internet fodder in so many websites and blogs. Instead, I will say a bit about the campaign publicity materials.

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