Spa Ziwi (Jurong East)

My body is in need for another massage. The offer at Groupon came at the right time. I got one for a 90-min full body massage and infrared therapy at Spa Ziwi. I’ve read good reviews about it online, so I decided to go for it.

In the premises on the 2nd floor, the woman at the counter told me to fill in the form. It asked about so many information about skin, allergies, areas I want to improve, etc etc. She came back after a few minutes and asked if I’ve finished. I haven’t and she went “Are you dreaming??” I’m like, “Hello! There’s a lot to read and fill in!” She told me not to complete the rest cos they are for facial. I thought so too. She should have told me earlier. Hmm…

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Aura Day Spa (Cuppage Terrace)

The Body Contours Marina Square branch has been merged into this outlet. The place covers 2 floors and is very big and spacious. Customers have to wear the slippers provided before proceeding to the 2nd floor where all the treatment rooms are.

There are rooms for treatment and cubicles for consultation. From the outside, I couldn’t tell that there are customers here. But once inside, the place is bustling with activity though not really full. There are many customers and consultants attending to them.

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Body Contours (Marina Square)

When I received a voucher for a free session at Body Contours (thanks to, I decided not to waste it and made an appointment with the HQ. The girl on the other line seemed rushed to set up an appointment quickly. As there were 2 choices of treatments I can choose from, I asked her about each of them, which she described briefly, before I made my decision. I chose body contouring as I have not done this type of treatment before. (I tried to get her name but she refused to say.)

The Marina Sq branch is the most convenient for me, but it was rainy day and with traffic jams all over, I was 20 min late for my 2pm appointment! The consultants were actually quite friendly and patient. They didn’t rush me to start the treatment. After registration, the manager Ms Jesmine discussed with me about the treatment, while I sipped on ginger tea that was served. I asked some questions and she answered them clearly and patiently.

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