My first bellabox!

Surfing the Internet and fresh from a make-up course in September, I signed up for bellabox in early October.

Bellabox exists for women who want to try out samples of new beauty items before they decide what works for their skin, or checking out what’s new in the market. The free delivery to my doorstep that comes with the monthly subscription is a plus point too!

The delivery came promptly on 16 October as promised in their email confirmation. It was a good 1st impression because it wasn’t a box but a bag! Lucky me! Caught them just in time for their 2nd anniversary special! 🙂

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The Samurai is back!

I had written earlier in a previous post about McDonald’s Prosperity Burger that I like. And I mentioned that I like another burger from McD. This is probably it. The Samurai burger is back! 😀

Surround your taste buds with the might of the Samurai burger. Two juicy quarter pound beef patties coated in delicious teriyaki sauce and completed with mayonnaise, crunchy lettuce and golden toasted buns. Let the word out – the formidable taste has returned! Meal comes with Double Samurai Burger, Jasmine Green Tea and Cheese Shaker Fries.

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Harmoni One Convention Hotel (Batam)

My family of 4 had the opportunity to stay at Harmoni One Hotel at Jalan Engku Putri No. 1, Batam Center, Batam Island, Indonesia, for our 2D1N getaway with some friends. The hotel has a very grand driveway and a huge spacious lobby with many comfortable seats and interesting decorations. There are three lifts, two of which need the room access card to go to the other floors.

Never before have I been amazed at the impressive-looking decor and design of a hotel, and yet be equally disappointed when I reach the guest room. Judging by the grand exterior of the hotel, one would expect the same standard for its interior, its heart and soul.

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Penulis: Normaslina Masri
Terbitan: Jemari Seni Sdn. Bhd.
Jumlah mukasurat: 632
ISBN: 978-967-5118-58-6

Saya jarang baca buku novel Bahasa Melayu. Walaupun saya berfikiran terbuka untuk membaca apa jenis genre, kesemuanya dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Tambahan pulak, novel Melayu selalunya pasal cintan-cintun. Adoi… Jadi, untuk membaca novel Melayu seperti banyak yang ada sekarang ni is just not my style.

Untuk mempelbagaikan lagi senarai buku yang telah saya baca (dan mengembalikan kemahiran saya dalam bahasa ibunda), apa lagi, saya pun ke perpustakaan dan bertekad untuk membaca lebih banyak buku Melayu. Susahnya nak cari buku yang ok dan tak meluatkan bila dibaca sinopsisnya. Tajuk buku ini menarik perhatian saya kerana terasa sangat moden dan santai. Bila terbaca catatan ringkas di kulit belakang buku ini, terfikir ceritanya mesti ada unsur lucu juga. Isunya juga hits very close to home! 😉

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Spa Ziwi (Jurong East)

My body is in need for another massage. The offer at Groupon came at the right time. I got one for a 90-min full body massage and infrared therapy at Spa Ziwi. I’ve read good reviews about it online, so I decided to go for it.

In the premises on the 2nd floor, the woman at the counter told me to fill in the form. It asked about so many information about skin, allergies, areas I want to improve, etc etc. She came back after a few minutes and asked if I’ve finished. I haven’t and she went “Are you dreaming??” I’m like, “Hello! There’s a lot to read and fill in!” She told me not to complete the rest cos they are for facial. I thought so too. She should have told me earlier. Hmm…

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BottomSlim (Orchard Central)

In a simple spin and win game at Facebook, I won a voucher that allows me to redeem for treatment and goodie bag at BottomSlim. I chose the Orchard Central branch as it’s the most convenient one for me.

This new branch is in a quiet end of Basement 1 of Orchard Central, a corner where people hardly go to. I guess the location would be good for those who may be embarrassed that people might see them enter a slimming centre.

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