Pantun Cari Jodoh!

Anak kucing di atas dahan,
Seekor lari di dalam kain,
Umur sudah tiga puluhan,
Mak bapak dah bising tanya bila nak kawin.

Ikan karuan masak lemak,
Tersekat tulang di anak tekak,
Tak cukup dengan bapak dan mak,
Makcik-makcik nenek-nenek pun tanya jugak.

Kain batik kain basahan,
Terkoyak tersangkut di mata joran,
Dulu masa sekolah mak ada pesan,
Jangan bercinta.. nanti ganggu pelajaran.

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Short Conversation

“Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?”

I wanted to say “Most probably dead. Six feet under. Resting in peace.”
But instead, I told him “Probably… contributing to the society in my own little way.”

He was quiet, so I asked him back.
“What about you? Where do YOU see yourself in 10 years’ time?”

His look was intense.
He said slowly, “Probably… married to my amazing wife, having beautiful children, living in a cosy house that is our home and having an awesome career, and in the pink of health!”

He was still looking at me. I looked away at the horizon, where the sky meets the sea.
“That’s a tough one. But who doesn’t want that?”

“Well,” he said, “I think I’m on track. I’m with you, aren’t I?”

Go salad!

Have you had a craving before? It’s usually the sinful unhealthy stuff like double chocolate ice cream, fried chicken, cheeseburger, potato chips, chocolate cake, brownies, mee goreng, nasi lemak, hor fun, fish & chips, apple strudel… I usually look for chocolates. I love dark chocolate! I read that it’s supposed to be good for the heart too.

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More of a night owl

My body clock has gone haywire.

I’m sleepy in the mornings, able to wake up only at noon, after Mum’s constant shoutings. In the evenings, I’m more alert, helping Mum prepare dinner. At night, after TV and supper, I can get to work. Mum nags again for me to go to bed. But that’s when I just got started. Toss and turn on the bed until 4 am, sometimes 6 am, I can’t get to sleep. When I finally get to sleep, maybe out of boredom, it’s time to wake up and Mum shouts yet again.

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