Some Friend You Are

You make me angry. You make me smile.
You make me laugh. You make me cry.
You give me puzzles everyday.
And we’ll have lunch together at least every Friday.

You say I’m your buddy.
I can say you’re my buddy too.
But why do you like to annoy me?
Am I a comic relief to you too?

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My first bellabox!

Surfing the Internet and fresh from a make-up course in September, I signed up for bellabox in early October.

Bellabox exists for women who want to try out samples of new beauty items before they decide what works for their skin, or checking out what’s new in the market. The free delivery to my doorstep that comes with the monthly subscription is a plus point too!

The delivery came promptly on 16 October as promised in their email confirmation. It was a good 1st impression because it wasn’t a box but a bag! Lucky me! Caught them just in time for their 2nd anniversary special! 🙂

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Aspire and Achieve Through Mentorship (AAM)

With extra time on my hands, I thought I’d put it to good use. The poster that appeared on Facebook couldn’t appear at a better time. My original plan was to try this out for a year.

AAM header

And so, I joined Aspire and Achieve Through Mentorship, or AAM, a mentorship programme for full-time madrasah students in Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah for their preparations for PSLE and O Level examinations. The group would gather at the school every Saturday morning.

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New Links Page

I’ve updated my blog so that it would be more friendly and user-friendly. Basically, I’ve just added a new Links page.

I find that I’ve been using many external links to websites that own the certain product or business that I review. This page lists down all the links that are used in this blog. Links to the images that I used to illustrate my posts, and videos are also included.

In the lists, the external link and the related blog post are mentioned together. If you’re the owner of the website or source of image that I used but not credited, please let me know so that I can update my list and/or elements.

A big THANK YOU to my readers and followers! This improvement to my blog is through my experience to make reading and surfing more convenient. You, dear reader, can just click the Links tab above (this word is also hyperlinked). Feedback are welcome! 🙂

Forum Game: “Where’s That Landmark?”

The forum game is in Physics Forums, one of my favourite websites I go to for fun. It is a short trip around the world with trivia.

It starts with the one person posting an image of a location, which is usually quite significant, notable or unique. Others are supposed to guess the location. The one who gets it right, gets to post another image, and others will guess. And so on.

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