Some Friend You Are

You make me angry. You make me smile.
You make me laugh. You make me cry.
You give me puzzles everyday.
And we’ll have lunch together at least every Friday.

You say I’m your buddy.
I can say you’re my buddy too.
But why do you like to annoy me?
Am I a comic relief to you too?

We have nothing in common.
Except where we used to work.
You’re big, loud, fat and a glutton.
And to me only, you’re a jerk.

You’re a smoker. You can draw.
You have diploma. You’re a leader.
You’re many things I’m not.
How we become friends, I always wonder.

Sometimes you can read my mind.
I find that quite disturbing.
You can have a monologue of a conversation.
And I don’t even have to say anything.

You treat me like your daughter.
I treat you like my bro.
We always say “I hate you”
And I hate you even more.

Stop talking about the degree,
And I hate that pettiness and cold Cold War.
Somehow there’s just this strange chemistry,
Yes that’s some friend you are.

Friends like to disturb each other.
That fact you show me all the time.
You’re crazy. I’m crazy.
See? It even makes me rhyme!


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