My first bellabox!

Surfing the Internet and fresh from a make-up course in September, I signed up for bellabox in early October.

Bellabox exists for women who want to try out samples of new beauty items before they decide what works for their skin, or checking out what’s new in the market. The free delivery to my doorstep that comes with the monthly subscription is a plus point too!

The delivery came promptly on 16 October as promised in their email confirmation. It was a good 1st impression because it wasn’t a box but a bag! Lucky me! Caught them just in time for their 2nd anniversary special! 🙂

2nd Anniversary Bag with free Cosmopolitan magazine!I’ve never read a Cosmopolitan Singapore magazine. The October issue was a great introduction. Full of insightful read and informative articles for mature girls like me. A section on that fulfils our shop-tacular needs is a godsend; I’m tempted to check them out! But I don’t think I’ll buy the monthly magazine anytime soon though. (Retails at $5 and is unsuitable for the young.)

Inside the bag is the beauty pouch and sample size of the featured items. The pouch looks cute and glamourous. It can definitely be reused. 🙂

My Beauty Pouch

What are these? Markers? Introducing Collection Cosmetics Colour Pout Lip Stain. The Colour Pout’s user-friendly marker-style nib makes application quick and easy but it feels like using a marker to write on your face! I tried out Pucker (colour 06 that looks like magenta) as lip liner, using it together with my lipstick of similar shade. The colour came out nice and neat. The one on top is Flirt (colour 3). Retails at $12.90.

Lip stain

A box of Whisper Cosmo Heavy Day accompanies the pouch. Apparently, this is Whisper’s first-ever sanitary product with Lactoflex, an innovative liquid-based material developed by women for women. It turned out to be really comfortable, mainly because of its greater absorbancy and it being larger and longer (for that peace of mind on heavy days!) than the usual ones in the market. It also boasts fabric that is gentle on the skin, and an enhanced fit for flexibility. Hmm.. the info note says that it retails at $6.50 for 10 pieces, so I think it exceeds my budget (for now), though it is definitely a good product to recommend nonetheless.

Whisper Cosmo Heavy Day

Ok, so here’s a little bit about the other items in the bag…

4 Oct items

1. Elizabeth Arden UNTOLD Eau De Parfum Spray (30ml @ $69; 50ml @ $95; 100ml @ $118)
A quick whiff of this sensual floral scent is pleasing to my senses. My nose is pretty sensitive and would usually sneeze away moments after a sniff. It didn’t after taking in this lovely perfume. The scent is not overwhelming at all, suitable for its image “that personifies the all-round nature of a refined and sophisticated woman”.

2. GoodSkin Labs Exten-10 Instant Youth Boosting Moisturizer SPF 15 (50ml @ $66)
A 1ml satchet and 7ml tube are included. I’ve not tried it yet but it promises “to erase 10 years off your face in a matter of weeks”, hence the number “10” in its name. It does this using “the most effective ingredients known to beauty skincare science”. I don’t know how long the samples will last but it sounds very promising indeed.

3. Jacqueline Burchell Nail Lacquer (15ml @ $16)
I don’t wear nail polish or nail lacquer, so actually this product is virtually useless for me to test out. However, the 5ml sample is in this gorgeous intense red colour. (Kudos for giving it in my favourite colour!) I can’t give it away as yet and I can’t use it on my nails. So what can I do? I searched online for other ways to use nail polish! I applied this cool glitter on my plain black frame of a mirror and luggage bag and they look awesome! Sorry, Jacqueline Burchell, or whoever you are, fellow Singapore citizen! I’m also thankful that this quick-dry formula is free from toluene, formaldehyde and DMP.

4. GoodSkin Labs Circleplex-2 (20ml @ $72)
Here I have “dark circle specialists for eyes” that come in the dynamic duo of day gel and night balm in 1ml-sample each. It claims to “protect and repair the sensitive area around your eyes while getting rid of dark circles 24/7”. Hey! Just what we need! The lightweight day gel will “moisturise and create a protective layer against sun exposure”. The night cream gives “deep and soothing hydration”. I haven’t try this out yet, cos I’m still finishing up an earlier sample of eye cream.

Bellabox has many different beauty items featured each month and members get different combinations of several items. Our beauty profile that we filled in upon registration helps them to consider which items to include in our box. This is a good way to try out samples of new products. For those that work well or impress us, we would eventually make that purchase whether in retail stores or online in bellabox’s website.

We're 2!

The items in my first bellabox doesn’t really match my beauty profile (which doesn’t ask much anyway). However, I’m still pleasantly surprised by the bag. I think the featured items are actually quite expensive for me. I wonder if they would feature items that are really affordable. Good if there’s $20 to spare every month. Having said that, it’s no harm trying them out and indulge once in a while! 😉

Sign up for your bellabox here! Have fun exploring and experimenting! 🙂

(See disclaimer here.)


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