Aspire and Achieve Through Mentorship (AAM)

With extra time on my hands, I thought I’d put it to good use. The poster that appeared on Facebook couldn’t appear at a better time. My original plan was to try this out for a year.

AAM header

And so, I joined Aspire and Achieve Through Mentorship, or AAM, a mentorship programme for full-time madrasah students in Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah for their preparations for PSLE and O Level examinations. The group would gather at the school every Saturday morning.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive about joining. I don’t know anyone except, well, maybe one or two people. Would I fit in in this young and lively group? Would there be a lot of adjustments needed to tutor madrasah students? Would I still be able to remember the concepts that I learnt years ago?

Luckily they’ve got the notes and practice questions (with answers and solutions for mentors) prepared. Looking through them before the lessons, I realised that they were pretty good. 🙂

I was a mentor to 3 chatty students. They were very friendly, so we hit it off quite well. (The mentor-mentee ratio is usually 1 : 3-4, but of course the smaller the group the better, thus more mentors are always welcome!)

Now, the AAM family, which is what it feels like, is not only a group of mentors for the students in academic subjects. Part of their aim is to develop the students’ well-being beyond the classroom. Throughout the year, they would organise various events for mentors and/or students.

There’s the orientation and mentor bonding session early on in the year, Heritage Trail for PSLE students, and the AAMazing Race and CampINC for O Level students. And not forgetting the frequent lepak sessions, occasional soccer and/or badminton, and yearly iftar and Hari Raya visiting!


Some mentors are really passionate about the subjects that they do. One of them started a blog on English and got the students to do their writing in their own blogs. Another would be actively preparing the resources for the Maths lessons. These, on top of their school or working life!

So how now? What happens to my original plan? Hmm… I think I’ll stick around longer. 😉

AAM Family poster

The AAM Facebook page here. Also read about them here.
(Note: 2013 would be the final year for PSLE in the madrasah. Thus, from 2014 onwards, AAM would focus on O Level Maths and English.)

(See disclaimer here.)


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