About Blogging Basics

It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve started this blog. I recall the main reasons (read: main) why I started this blog:
1. out of boredom
2. out of sheer excitement of the new computer (at that time)

Then I got a notification on this article from A Little Blog of Books and Other Stuff. It’s called  “What I’ve Learned From Blogging”, which also pretty much sums up my thoughts on blogging as well.

One point that I agree on is that “It is important not to write stuff for the sake of it“. It takes me longer than I thought to publish an entry, much more so if it’s a review. I’ll need to gather my thoughts, get the facts, read and re-read.

Coincidentally, shortly before that, I read an article on “How to be an educational blogger” which is, itself, truly educational. One of the useful points from this article is to edit your work. As someone who used to do this for a living, I am very particular and meticulous in my editing. This is a good point indeed that I can’t agree more. I have seen articles in which even a simple typo or spelling error becomes an eyesore and makes the reading unenjoyable and sometimes makes me think of the author as unreliable.

While I enjoy putting thoughts into words & play around with creativity in a blog’s design, I find that it’s actually not child’s play if I have a blog to maintain. It takes time to put an entry together. I’m not one of those who can simply publish a post everyday.

It’s also not just a diary where I can pen anything that comes to mind. There is a certain level of responsibility attached to it. More so in this age where perfection is also important. Any wrong or hurtful words can have dire consequences. And I don’t want to read back my blog in the future and go “What is this that I’ve written?! OMG!”

(See disclaimer here.)


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