Forum Game: “Where’s That Landmark?”

The forum game is in Physics Forums, one of my favourite websites I go to for fun. It is a short trip around the world with trivia.

It starts with the one person posting an image of a location, which is usually quite significant, notable or unique. Others are supposed to guess the location. The one who gets it right, gets to post another image, and others will guess. And so on.

I’ve participated in this game a few times but I’m no match for a few of the players who seem to know a world of interesting landmarks and have a whole lot of time on their hands!

Don’t just think about the famous ones such as the Taj Mahal in India, the Eiffel Tower in France or the Great Wall of China. Here, we discover many landmarks around the world that are no less amazing and are simply underrated tourist spots.

We learn more about the existence of these landmarks, their history and more about the countries they are in through the hints given along the way. Natural or man-made, they can be beautiful, amazing, historical, cultural or significant in one way or another. They are not called landmarks for nothing!

Recently, the forum thread did not have its magic like it used to. It has fallen victim to the advancements of technology and Internet. Some players have discovered that they can use a reverse-search of the image on a website which can lead to its location. That’s basically cheating. Players who remain in the game now can only hold on to their integrity, trust that the others won’t resort to cheating and play fair. (That’s the beauty of this game. Please don’t ruin it, guys.)

The whole thread makes me want to travel around the world and explore each country even more! 🙂 Some of the beautiful and amazing landmarks




(See disclaimer here.)


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