The Samurai is back!

I had written earlier in a previous post about McDonald’s Prosperity Burger that I like. And I mentioned that I like another burger from McD. This is probably it. The Samurai burger is back! πŸ˜€

Surround your taste buds with the might of the Samurai burger. Two juicy quarter pound beef patties coated in delicious teriyaki sauce and completed with mayonnaise, crunchy lettuce and golden toasted buns. Let the word out – the formidable taste has returned! Meal comes with Double Samurai Burger, Jasmine Green Tea and Cheese Shaker Fries.

I ordered the single patty version with the jasmine green tea and regular fries. Cost of the meal: S$7.
Good and bad choices.

1) The burger is not too big not too small. Size just nice.

2) The patty is juicy and the teriyaki sauce makes it oh so tasty!

3) The fragrant jasmine green tea is a good drink to accompany the food. I don’t really go for fizzy drinks, so this is a perfect combo for me. Some people might find the green tea slightly overpowering though.

1) The price. Granted that this is a ‘limited edition’ meal, but it shouldn’t be that expensive. IMHO…

2) The fries. Too salty! I had to tap each one on the tray to release excess salt before I dipped them into the chilli sauce. I should have tried out the shaker fries. Maybe soon? I don’t mind another round of the burger and green tea. πŸ˜‰

This has got to be one of the best tasting burgers ever! I’m so lovin’ it!

yaeh am not durnk

Overall rating: 80%

(See disclaimer here.)

Yolk emoticon by bad-blood on deviantART

Update (05112012):
Only with upsize will you get the 2 small satchets of cheese for the shaker fries (and of coz the larger sized drink). Well, they should have made this clear and not leave such details to the customer to keep asking to confirm. 😦

Just pour the cheese powder into the bag of usual fries, shake the big and viola! Cheese shaker fries! I felt cheated of my money… The fries turned out ok; they reminded me of the old snack Super Ring. Mum didn’t like the taste though. 😦



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