Harmoni One Convention Hotel (Batam)

My family of 4 had the opportunity to stay at Harmoni One Hotel at Jalan Engku Putri No. 1, Batam Center, Batam Island, Indonesia, for our 2D1N getaway with some friends. The hotel has a very grand driveway and a huge spacious lobby with many comfortable seats and interesting decorations. There are three lifts, two of which need the room access card to go to the other floors.

Never before have I been amazed at the impressive-looking decor and design of a hotel, and yet be equally disappointed when I reach the guest room. Judging by the grand exterior of the hotel, one would expect the same standard for its interior, its heart and soul.

The room that I stayed in was smaller than expected. Two single beds, a couch by the opposite wall, an LCD TV on the wall and a small desk at the corner. There’s hardly a bedside table – it’s just a small shelf between the beds where the telephone sits. The worst thing is that there are no windows! It’s just a bare wall on the opposite side of the door. It felt like a cubicle or a prison with no indication of night or day. Even though there’s only one such room possibly on each floor, a hotel boasting a 4-star rating and impressive decor should not have allowed any guest room to have no windows at all! We were very tired after a long day and, since we were going to stay there for only 1 night, we didn’t bother to demand for a better room.

The window-less room

We also got another room with supposedly an interior view of the corridor. At least this ‘view’ was blocked by a whole row of decorative barrier. That was actually quite creative of them. The toilet amenities were pretty decent with a bathtub, a mounted shower head and complimentary toiletries. Internet was free in the rooms via the ethernet cable. There’s cable TV with various channels including Singapore’s free-to-air channels but the picture quality for some of the channels was not clear.

For dinner, we ordered room service of tuna sandwich and nasi goreng. They arrived within 20 minutes, well presented in big portions and tasted very good. We paid in cash and did not charge to the room. There were complimentary bottles of mineral water, cans of soft drink in the mini bar, and the usual packets of coffee, tea and sugar.

Tuna sandwich ordered for dinner

The breakfast was at Bamboe Restaurant with high ceiling and beautiful long ceiling lamps. The buffet spread provided a good hearty breakfast with the standard variety which also included green bean porridge, a Japanese corner and even the local ketoprak. However, the top up was a little slow for the many hungry guests on the Sunday morning. The previous day, we were actually advised to go down for breakfast early to avoid this problem. When the food was eventually refilled, it was a little late, which would be ok for those who stayed on long enough. After seeing others carrying plates of waffles and pancakes, I went to the waffles and pancake station twice and was disappointed both times. They always run out of coffee, and the dim sum cart, which was forever empty, was eventually pushed away. The good thing though was that we didn’t need to queue for the omelette at the egg station. Apparently the cooks have prepared lots in advance and stacked them on a tray.

More Roman-inspired columns and winged lions on the 6th floor. The pool was nice and clean. The gym was small and cosy, looking modern with its good equipment. Both places were not full when we went to check them out after breakfast.

Beautiful setting at the swimming pool on the 6th floor

The location of the hotel is not that good. Its outstanding architecture stands out in the midst of low buildings that included shophouses and even abandoned or semi-completed buildings. There’s not much shops or things to see and explore outside the hotel. However, there’s a free shuttle bus to Megamall, BCS and Nagoya Hills. Megamall, which is the nearest to the hotel and Batam Center Ferry Terminal, would probably be the best option.

Overall rating: 50%

(See disclaimer here.)


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