Oh… shoes!

Ok. While I plan to get me a new pair of shoes, I didn’t plan to get a new pair of bowling shoes.

I was in the middle of a throw when I felt something flap under my left foot. I turned around and looked down. The whole sole of the shoe had come off! I turned back around to look at the pins. Luckily I got a spare!

The one soul [sole] that broke

Some people saw it happen and looked in amazement, and some even started to laugh! Basket ball… I wish I could dig a hole and hide. This is a tournament, for goodness sake!

Ah, I could also choose to take it positively. So, partly to hide the embarrassment, I laughed in disbelief just as loudly, showing the damaged shoe to Mum. I took them off, put on my sandals and went to the shoe counter. Still giggling away at my predicament, I asked for a pair of size 5 and how much it costs. I joked with the equally friendly girl at the counter if I can rent only one shoe. Of course I can’t. I paid her in gold coins – one $1 coin and four 5 cent coins.

One of the players in the next lane came over to lend me his spare pair of shoes and told me to return the rented ones and get my money back. I tried on his pair, which proved to be too big, and went on to wear the rented shoes for the rest of the tournament. I didn’t win of course, but I still got a pretty good score and sitting pretty at a pretty good position in the final tally. I’m so proud of myself to be doing not too bad after all in spite of that little disaster.

When you got to go, you got to go. You have served me well, my friends. We’ve faced many battles together. You will be missed…

The old pair of bowling shoes

Within a week, I got myself a new pair of bowling shoes. Definitely not in my budget. But desperately needed. Even though life gives you lemons, you can still make orange juice! đŸ˜‰


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