Singapore Garden Festival 2012

Asia’s best garden and flower show is in full bloom again! Held at Suntec City on 7 to 15 July, the SGF 2012 is a delight for serious gardeners, casual hobbyists, budding photographers or those looking for a cool time and place for an outing with family or loved ones.

With the theme of Fantasy Garden, there are the stunning displays in mesmerising settings and colours by participants from all over the world. There are categories such as landscape and flower gardens, and balcony gardens on Level 6.

The Upturned Slendour display from Singapore has a light show every 10 minutes. The Ruaumoko display from New Zealand shows a glimpse of the cultural beliefs of New Zealand, complete with a simulated earthquake!

Garden creations

Click on the image if the animation doesn’t work.

On Level 4, there are more floral arrangements and mini-gardens. One of my favourites is the Mysterious Fantasy, which has Smurfs all over the garden. It won the Interactive Display Award. I also like the Memories of Our Childhood, which won the Educational Display Award. It contains many plants from our local gardens or farms from the old kampong days, as well as a display of kampong house filled with nostalgic stuff.

The winning entries of the floral arrangement competition are also on display. A favourite and a clear winner is the entry by Lam Chun Yu (Macau). The display of a human figure as if blowing in the wind is static yet dynamic, cleverly done using natural materials and flowers. Thumbs up!

Floral arrangements winners

Click on the image if the animation doesn’t work.


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