Spa Ziwi (Jurong East)

My body is in need for another massage. The offer at Groupon came at the right time. I got one for a 90-min full body massage and infrared therapy at Spa Ziwi. I’ve read good reviews about it online, so I decided to go for it.

In the premises on the 2nd floor, the woman at the counter told me to fill in the form. It asked about so many information about skin, allergies, areas I want to improve, etc etc. She came back after a few minutes and asked if I’ve finished. I haven’t and she went “Are you dreaming??” I’m like, “Hello! There’s a lot to read and fill in!” She told me not to complete the rest cos they are for facial. I thought so too. She should have told me earlier. Hmm…

Alas, the therapist doesn’t speak English. It was like chicken and duck talk with her. The mask option for the therapy smells like seaweed, which makes me hungry and crave for sushi. The wrap went on for about 30 minutes. After a quick rinse, we proceeded to the room for the massage.

The massage was so good. The therapist was thorough and strong, working her way all over my body. Head, arms, trunk, legs – all are covered. I think it’s one of the best massages I’ve had. I was told later that it was Chinese style massage. Apparently, this therapist is the only one in the outlet.

The outlet doesn’t look very big. There are about 4-6 rooms along the hallway and 2 shower cubicles. They probably won’t be able to handle many customers at any one time. There is one big mirror along the hallway for me to get dressed.

After the session, the woman at the counter asked me if I want to take a package. I declined and she pressed on to get me to buy a package. Her attempts were met with my refusals and it seemed like she’s losing her patience. She asked how I can afford the Groupon voucher. Her tone changed to a threatening one. She said, next time, even if I use a voucher, “if we recognise you, we will not accept the voucher and charge you the full price”. Excuse me, I know how these vouchers work. My good experience with the therapist was marred by her actions!

Overall rating: 50%

(See disclaimer here.)


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