BottomSlim (Orchard Central)

In a simple spin and win game at Facebook, I won a voucher that allows me to redeem for treatment and goodie bag at BottomSlim. I chose the Orchard Central branch as it’s the most convenient one for me.

This new branch is in a quiet end of Basement 1 of Orchard Central, a corner where people hardly go to. I guess the location would be good for those who may be embarrassed that people might see them enter a slimming centre.

I’ve read online that places like this would try hard to convince you about your “problem” and get you to buy their packages. The consultant brought me to the consultation room to fill in the form and usual chat about my concerns. And the consultant will always tell you that “your problem is serious”. Well, I don’t think mine is THAT serious for her to put such a contorted face.

With a little top up to my voucher, I tried out the basic tummy, hips and thighs treatment. It consists of the slimming therapy and light therapy. The slimming therapy uses muscular electro-simulation to activate fat-digesting enzymes. This lasts for 20 minutes. Next, slimming cream is applied to the problem areas, which are then put under (red?) light for another 20 minutes.

During the half hour or so that I was supposed to be relaxing during the treatment, the consultant may come and talk about the packages and offers that they have. I chatted with her, mainly out of courtesy, through the negotiations and hard-selling. Otherwise, I would relax to songs by Debbie Gibson and Tommy Page.

After the treatment, I had a choice of plain warm water or green tea. This treatment is quite passive, so I’m not surprised that the results would be negligible. I may lose half cm here and 1 cm there, so in all, after measurement, the consultant would be proud to say that I’ve lost so many cm altogether.

This branch is cosy with many treatment rooms, yet lack of mirrors to get dressed properly after the treatment. Besides treatments for tummy, hips and thighs, which are their specialty, they do have those for the whole body. They do not, however, supplement treatments with diet advice. If I had not reminded them again of my goodie bag, which contains a tiny bottle of stretchmark essential essence, they might have conveniently forgotten about it. And I guess, they will be friendlier to customers who buy their packages and have really “serious problems”.

Overall rating: 50%

(See disclaimer here.)


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