BRAND’S® Tangkwei with Essence of Chicken

I’m excited to try out the new BRAND’S® Tangkwei with Essence of Chicken (BTEC). It is halal-certified and if it’s supposedly good for me, why not give it a shot? I got the six-bottle pack for the trial program recently.

It is a special supplement for women. One bottle is to be taken daily for 6 consecutive days before the menstrual cycle. Among its benefits include:

  • Promotes blood circulation and restores blood loss
  • Help ease discomforts experienced during menstrual cycle and menstrual irregularities
  • Beneficial in relieving the body from tiredness

I have tried Essence of Chicken before and the horrid taste and smell never fail to put me off. I’ve tried taking them with a straw directly to my throat while pinching my nose, but it remained yuck.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I did not hate the taste and smell of this new supplement by Brands®. I finished each bottle quickly and actually look forward to drinking the next one.

During the 6 days, I’ve taken it combinations of both chilled and at room temperature, in the mornings before breakfast, and nights after dinner. I don’t know when is the optimum time to take it, so I experimented. I simply felt no difference. I felt fine.

I finished the 6 bottles just in time for my menstrual cycle. It’s been several months since I suffered menstrual pain. This time, it hurts really bad that I had to take 2 Panadol menstrual tablets and lie in bed the entire afternoon, unable to do any activities yet unable to sleep. I had a bowling tournament that morning and it really affected my games. I lost my appetite to eat but continued to drink lots of water.

Luckily, that painful episode lasted only a day. After that, I was back to normal. I don’t know if there’s any side effects with taking BTEC along with other supplements that I’m taking. As a precaution, I never take supplements together, or leave at least 2 hours between them. Or this could probably be my body reacting to it before stabilising. I wouldn’t know. In fact, I wouldn’t mind trying out BTEC again. Hopefully, it helps me in the long run.

(See disclaimer here.)


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