Prosperity for the new year

It’s been quite a while since I last ate a McDonald’s meal. No longer a fan of fast food. I usually stay away from more-expensive-than-they’re-worth food anyway.

The Beef Prosperity Burger is not a regular item on their menu, available for just a month or so close to the Chinese New Year. Beef patty dipped in black pepper sauce, topped with onions, served in long sesame seed bun. I’ve read good things about this burger, so one day I decided to try it. A Single Beef Prosperity Burger costs $4.50. Its meal with no upsize costs slightly less than $8. I conveniently ignored the price of the double beef version (see 3rd sentence above).

The beef patty was tender and juicy, not so spicy, and I enjoyed it very much! The only problem for me was some of the onions that I had to remove as I think there were simply too much in my burger. (Another gripe is the counter staff who I’m sure is not a local and made me repeat my queries cos he seemed unable to understand my simple English and I had to use even simpler words just to get my order through. Hmph!) A rather surprising yet tasty way to usher in the new year. After spending more than I planned, I hope it brings much needed prosperity!

Once in a while, McDonald’s serve these ‘limited edition’ burgers which usually taste better than their regular items. I think there’s only one other special burger that they’ve released that I enjoy as well. Ermmm… but I’ve forgetten its name. Maybe one of these days it will pop up in McDonald’s once again.

Overall rating: 75%

(See disclaimer here.)

Update (19102012): The other special edition burger: the Samurai Burger!



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