Amore Living (City Square Mall)

Thanks to (WNS), I got a fitness trial class at Amore Living at City Square Mall, which is conveniently located near Farrer Park MRT station.

Sales consultant Cherry showed me around this latest branch in the Amore Fitness chain. The boutique spa (which I also had a quick tour of) is just next door. The gym is very spacious and I was tempted to try one of the many treadmills and other spanking new machines. There are 2 studios where the fitness classes are held. There is a wide range of classes at beginner and intermediate levels, and also for 10-15 year-olds. They have signature blitz and fusion dance workout classes (e.g. BellyBlitz, CardioLatino, FunkBlitz), cardiovascular and toning classes (e.g. CrossTraining, FitBall, Low/High Impact Aerobics), body-mind-soul classes (e.g. Pilates, Power Yoga), dance classes (e.g. Bollywood, MTV), introductory classes (e.g. StarterKick, RookiePump) and even certification courses.

I signed up for a trial kickboxing class for the following week. There were only 3 other participants besides myself during the class. The instructor asked me and another woman if we were first-timers. Once in a while, she told us not to exert ourselves and just do what we can. The steps are quite tough and fast. The punches and kicks are great for upper and lower body in a total workout, as we move with the energetic background music. I haven’t done this high-intensity workout for some time, and it was like restarting an exercise routine, I was sweating a lot. But I know the terms that she used in her instructions, so I had no problems understanding and following the steps. Towards the end of the 55-minute session, we did some stretching and abs exercises on the mats provided. Kickboxing is also said to improve muscle strength, tone coordination and reflexes.

The ladies’ changing room is big and cosy. There are many lockers, toilets, shower cubicles, changing rooms and dressing tables. Hair dryers are also provided. Users have to bring their own locks for the lockers or purchase one from Amore. It is a comfortable setting to relax and refresh myself after the workout.

This branch of Amore Living makes me want to sign up as a member for more fitness classes or even to use the gyms. Members also get to enjoy special discounts at the spas. While this branch is for everyone, there are branches that are exclusively for ladies, such as the one at Woodlands Civic Centre.

Overall rating: 85%

(See disclaimer here.)


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