Go salad!

Have you had a craving before? It’s usually the sinful unhealthy stuff like double chocolate ice cream, fried chicken, cheeseburger, potato chips, chocolate cake, brownies, mee goreng, nasi lemak, hor fun, fish & chips, apple strudel… I usually look for chocolates. I love dark chocolate! I read that it’s supposed to be good for the heart too.

But recently I have curious cravings for healthy stuff! I want fruits, salad and even exercise! When I’m angry, I’d want to munch on an apple. Sinking my teeth into the apple can be so therapeutic! When I’m down, I’d want a banana. Slowly peeling the skin and eating the soft fruit. When I can’t get my hands on any fruit, I’d drink fruit juice. These days, I’m having a glass of fruit juice every few hours.

A few weeks ago, while having a massage on a cool day, my mind started to wander and the idea of salad struck me. I wasn’t very hungry and I had the urge to eat salad! Now, I’m not really a veggie person. I separate the veggies in my plate and almost all the time, I put aside the bean sprouts and peas if they’re in the food I’m having. So it’s really weird to suddenly want to eat salad.

After the massage, I looked for Burger King where I knew they’d serve the grilled chicken salad that I was craving for. There’s a nearby new mall in town which I haven’t ventured. When I looked at the shopping directory, there was Burger King! I was so happy like it was meant to be! Although it was more expensive than I expected, I relished it and thoroughly enjoyed it! OMG! I couldn’t believe myself. I actually enjoyed the salad! It’s so tasty with the thousand island dressing! (I took out the onions by the way…)

And then I have endless images in my head of myself running up the stairs, jogging around my neighbourhood, skipping rope, swimming laps and doing pilates. But what I’m actually doing is just getting off my chair in front of the computer and do some simple stretches once in a while. And more simple exercises and some dancing in the privacy of my own room. 😉

I think my body is trying to tell me to watch my diet and to be healthier. Maybe it’s due to age and that I have been putting on weight, I’m receiving this ‘warning messages’ from my brain. I’m definitely not bulimic nor a fitness junkie. Curious cravings. Freaky.

(See disclaimer here.)


3 responses to “Go salad!

  1. I actually really like salad and particularly in summer frequently fancy eating salad for dinner. However, unfortunately, I also like dressing and mayo! (whoops!)
    Lynn 😀

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