Aura Day Spa (Cuppage Terrace)

The Body Contours Marina Square branch has been merged into this outlet. The place covers 2 floors and is very big and spacious. Customers have to wear the slippers provided before proceeding to the 2nd floor where all the treatment rooms are.

There are rooms for treatment and cubicles for consultation. From the outside, I couldn’t tell that there are customers here. But once inside, the place is bustling with activity though not really full. There are many customers and consultants attending to them.

My therapist Amy came to me shortly after I arrived and I was brought to her treatment room. It looked good. The ladies toilet and changing room is also very big yet cosy. The steam room and showers are also in this changing room.

With much better facilities, service and treatment must be good. Just be prepared for them to sell you something at the end of every session. Each product that they recommend is good of course, and helps in the treatment that you are having or for better general health. Deals are always better when bought as a package and members get additional good deals like discounts and special treats.

(Read review of Body Contours Marina Square here.)

Overall rating: 75%

(See disclaimer here.)


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