Body Contours (Marina Square)

When I received a voucher for a free session at Body Contours (thanks to, I decided not to waste it and made an appointment with the HQ. The girl on the other line seemed rushed to set up an appointment quickly. As there were 2 choices of treatments I can choose from, I asked her about each of them, which she described briefly, before I made my decision. I chose body contouring as I have not done this type of treatment before. (I tried to get her name but she refused to say.)

The Marina Sq branch is the most convenient for me, but it was rainy day and with traffic jams all over, I was 20 min late for my 2pm appointment! The consultants were actually quite friendly and patient. They didn’t rush me to start the treatment. After registration, the manager Ms Jesmine discussed with me about the treatment, while I sipped on ginger tea that was served. I asked some questions and she answered them clearly and patiently.

The therapist Amy was quite good. First she took some measurements. The room was small and cosy. I could hang my clothes in the hanger and holder provided. The session went just like Ms Jesmine had described. It started with a massage and Amy explained what it was for. I was feeling quite cold cos I was barely dressed and the air-con was quite strong. Then she proceeded with the treatment on my main areas of concern. There was no music playing at all. (Probably there would be music in the massage or facial treatment rooms.)

After the session, Amy took some measurements and I could see cm loss. This is a surprise! She then told me that I actually have more muscle than fat and asked if I have been exercising. (Indeed I have!) It ended at abt 3.40pm. (I’m so glad it wasn’t cut short just because I was late!)

After I got dressed, I was given warm water to drink and had a chat with another consultant, Ms Joann, who was also very friendly and easy to talk to. She told me about the effectiveness of having a package and how each session can be customised.

On the whole, the experience was very pleasant. We know that usually these kind of places try to sell their packages no matter what, and some usually hard-sell or show bad attitude. But not so for this branch with their good service and treatment that I received. However, they will be moving to Aura Day Spa at Cuppage Terrace soon.

(Read review of Aura Day Spa here.)

Overall rating: 80%

(See disclaimer here.)


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