Just a Walk by the River

Lunch time. Been sitting on the comfy chair for hours in front of the computer, so I need to get up and move around. The office is in a cold building in a commercial area but luckily there are parks nearby to be explored and to rest the eyes and smell the fresher air.

I’ll just need to walk along the Singapore River to rediscover parts of Singapore that I had not known in recent memory. Been relaxing in the park during lunch for some time until I got the idea to bring my camera along. Like a local tourist.

Esplanade Park sign

Esplanade Park 3

In Esplanade Park

Esplanade Park 2

In Esplanade Park, looking at the Esplanade, or some say The Durian.

Walking along Queen Elizabeth Walk. Found an empty bench so I sat down to eat the steamed bun I had bought earlier. There’s a map of the district that shows all the places of interest in the area.

Map of the Civic District

Map of the Civic District

Queen Elizabeth Walk

Queen Elizabeth Walk in Esplanade Park

River taxi

River taxi in Singapore River with the Esplanade Bridge and Marina Bay Sands in the background.

I turn around to walk back towards the office. I pass by some memorials. One of which is the Lim Bo Seng Memorial.

Lim Bo Seng Memorial

Lim Bo Seng Memorial

Through the underpass at Anderson Bridge.

Anderson Bridge

Anderson Bridge with Fullerton Hotel behind it, seen from Esplanade Park.

Cross Cavenagh Bridge across the Singapore River again.

Cavenagh Bridge

Cavenagh Bridge

Sign on Cavenagh Bridge

Sign on Cavenagh Bridge

Here are two sets of amazing sculptures with a local touch. One is a group of boys in motion as if jumping into the river. The other is a family of Singapura cats (a local breed). Cute!

Jumping boys

Sculpture of boys as if jumping into the Singapore River.

Cat family

Sculpture of Singapura cat family near Cavenagh Bridge.

A group of merchants greeted me at the other end of Cavenagh Bridge.

Immigrants statues
Statues of merchants

On a different day, I continued my discovery trail. This time towards Merlion Park. There were many tourists here. It’s noon on a weekday and very hot.

Merlion Park
A smaller version of the Merlion. Behind it is the bigger original version.
Merlion Park 2
The Merlion spouts water into the Singapore River. Visitors on the bridge can get wet!
The majestic Merlion, part lion part fish, symbol of Singapore, created by the Singapore Tourism Board.
CBD from Merlion
The business district as seen from the bridge near the Merlion.

Walking along the river again brings me to the Bird sculpture, a bronze sculpture by Fernando Botero with his trademark plump sizes of his subjects.

Botero Bird

The Bird sculpture by Botero at Boat Quay

Now on the same side of river where there are many seafood restaurants and pubs along the row of shophouses. I guess many professionals come here to unwind in the happy hours after work. Along the way, there’s another underpass at Elgin Bridge and I stopped and turned around at Coleman Bridge to take a last snapshot.

Boat Quay

View from Boat Quay

MBS, Victoria, Elgin

Marina Bay Sands, Clock from Victoria Memorial Hall and Elgin Bridge (taken from Coleman Bridge)

There’s a further trail up the river near Clarke Quay and River front. Maybe some other day perhaps.


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