More of a night owl

My body clock has gone haywire.

I’m sleepy in the mornings, able to wake up only at noon, after Mum’s constant shoutings. In the evenings, I’m more alert, helping Mum prepare dinner. At night, after TV and supper, I can get to work. Mum nags again for me to go to bed. But that’s when I just got started. Toss and turn on the bed until 4 am, sometimes 6 am, I can’t get to sleep. When I finally get to sleep, maybe out of boredom, it’s time to wake up and Mum shouts yet again.

Back when I had a regular 8-6 office job, I always come in late. Luckily, my good work record has allowed my supervisor to give me some space. Mornings start slow and soon it’s lunch time. With a full tummy, the eyelids are heavy. At about 4 pm, things get better and I can actually do work better. But the work day ends so I had to complete the days’ tasks. I usually hang on for a little while, which became hours. Leaving office at 8 pm became the norm.

Now that I work at home, I thought I could have my working hours adjusted to my body clock or the times of the day when I’m most efficient. So far, it hasn’t worked because Mum is at home too, and telling me when to wake up and when to work.

But if I were to follow my body clock too closely, I might miss out on the best times to go shopping or marketing. Or catching up on the TV shows when I have the TV all to myself during the day. Or watering the plants when the sun is up. Or go jogging or swimming. And miss out on other family interactions.

Some people are natural early risers, morning larks. I know it’s a good habit to have, but I’ve been trying it for years only to fall back to my old rhythm again. I have considered taking a night-shift job instead. But the considerations above are holding me back somewhat. Oh what do I do so that I can get a balanced lifestyle and accomplish tasks?

(Image of sleeping cats from here)


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